5 Tips to Help You Pass Your AAT Exams

The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) courses provide practical business skills for vocational accountants. These qualifications can propel your career in accounting and bookkeeping, leading to a more lucrative and fulfilling professional journey. With this promising future in mind, here are five tips to help you pass your AAT exams and achieve that qualification:

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1. Practise answering the questions

AAT exam practice assessments are available online. Completing these assessments is a great way to prepare for the real thing, and you can check your answers afterwards to see how well you did. This should also clarify which areas you need to improve on. Be sure to practise with a calculator and a pen and paper as if you are writing the actual exam.

Keep in mind that while you can take the practice exam more than once, you may need to schedule the practice exam session with your tuition provider.

2. Set a broad personal time frame

Even though you can study and complete your AAT course in your own time through distance learning, you should set a personal time frame. Decide on the number of weeks or months you think you’ll need in order to study for the exam. Jot down a start date and an end date. Then stick to it. Sticking to your initial, set schedule will help with discipline and time management.

3. Structure your time even further

Schedule your study sessions on a big calendar, complete with highlighted days and hours, to help you become accustomed to a study routine. Make sure that these times don’t clash with your day-to-day obligations.

When it comes to exam time, make sure that you get enough sleep and that you are at your optimal mental capacity.

4. Make it difficult to procrastinate

When you’re studying in your own time, at your own pace, wherever you want, the one downside is that it can be easy to procrastinate. Through distance learning, you can take the exam whenever you are ready. But this means that you need to be even more disciplined about distractions.

Try turning off the internet, unless you’re using it to study. Put your mobile phone away in a drawer so that you’re not tempted by social media or sidetracked by notifications or texts. If you’d like more tips like this, you can find them in this blog post: Study Hacks for Distance Learning Students.

5. Teach or be taught

Most AAT courses allow you access to tutors. Make use of this available service. If you are confused about a section, stuck on a question, or just need some advice, ask for help.

Another way to help yourself with the study material you’re unclear on is to ask someone who knows more about the subject than you. This could be somebody in the industry who might be able to serve as your mentor. If you can’t think of anyone, consider explaining the subject to someone with no knowledge of it at all. This will help you deepen your own understanding by putting the newer concepts into your own words.


For more details about the exam itself and what you require in order to write it, consider familiarising yourself with the AAT exam information. If you have not already enrolled, find out about the different AAT courses at Oxbridge Training Institute to decide on one that’s perfectly suited to you.

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