5 Reasons Why You Should Study Accounting in 2016

behind-everyYou’ve probably heard the statement on the right quite a lot if you’ve ever been interested in a career in accounting – and that’s because it’s true. No business or organisation, however big or small, can survive or thrive without someone to manage the business or organisation’s finances effectively. What this means is that there are accounting jobs available in almost every organisation in the world.

As if the above isn’t reason enough to start your accounting studies today, here are 4 more reasons:


1. As an accountant, you can work in almost any industry
All organisations, in all industries, need the services of an accountant or other financial professional. This means that if you have basic accounting skills, and an understanding of basic financial principles, you will be able to look for work in any type of organisation in any type of industry. You therefore won’t be dependent on a single industry for job opportunities.

2. A career in finance has been voted as one of the top jobs for 2016
According to Careers24.com, “Graduate salaries [in the finance sector] are among the highest in the country, offering competitive compensation in a bid to attract and retain the best talent.”

When doing a search on the same site for accountant jobs, the results turned up a staggering 1154 job adverts (at the time of writing this article). For the same search on PNet, the results were even better, with 1892 adverts found. This shows that plenty of job opportunities exist in the accounting field.

3. The career prospects are promising
As an accountant, you will likely be able to grow within your job if you are willing to put in the effort. If your manager is happy with your work, and trusts your judgement, you may even be given more opportunities to get involved in the financial management and decision-making aspects of the business.

And if you decide to diversify your skills by studying specialised courses in fields such as management accounting, tax accounting, or auditing, you may be able to expand your career prospects even further.

4. Accounting and financial skills have real-life application
Keep in mind that you will not only be able to apply your financial skills in various working environments, but that you will also be able to apply these skills in your personal life. Having a sound understanding of accounting and finance will help you to plan and manage your own (and your family’s) finances more effectively.


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